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Solace Ames

I write mixed-orientation multicultural erotic romance. The shows I'm really into now are Elementary, Spartacus, Torchwood, The Walking Dead, Lost Girl, Orphan Black, Luther. I'm a Japanese-American woman living in the South. I'm pretty easy-going about most things—please follow at will. I've seen Pacific Rim six times so far.
Sep 2 '14

My internet is really intermittent where I’m at right now! But I’m going to stay on schedule and watch Penny Dreadful ep 9 tonight, the freaky Vanessa-is-possessed episode. I’m plugging away on line edits. Hope everyone is doing well :-)

Sep 2 '14

Sept. 2 4:43 pm


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Aug 31 '14

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Aug 31 '14

Whenever Lakmé by Delibes plays, you know some high-class fucking is about to go down.

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Aug 31 '14
She is always her own creature, our Miss Ives.
— Penny Dreadful, Ep 6, “What Death Can Join Together”

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Aug 31 '14

OK, going in on ep 6 of Penny Dreadful for real.

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Aug 31 '14


Daniel Henney for Harper’s Bazaar Korea June 2013 issue.

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Aug 31 '14



when your white friends defend you


when you defend your white friends


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Aug 31 '14





KimonoTime, A.K.A. Kelsey Ellison’s experience with X-Factor UK

Please read:
TLDR: I got scouted and had a private audition because of my videos and made me feel they were really interested in kpop. The celebrity judges in the room audition wanted more Korean and then at Wembley the monitors weren’t on so I couldn’t hear my voice and was told I was terrible and they didn’t understand why I sung in Korean and I was in the wrong country, humiliating me in front of 5,000 people. In both auditions I didn’t get chance to prepare, because in the room audition they forgot about me and in the Wembley Audition they abandoned me and then put me on first.

Even though this isn’t related to shopping or my blog in particular, I felt the need to share this because it does relate to how Asian fashion, music, and the culture in general is perceived and manipulated by the media. It’s unfortunate that Kelsey was sought out for the sole purpose of making her, and kpop enthusiasts, look like fools. For another example of how this often happens, watch TLC’s My Strage Addiction “Living Doll” episode which features Venus Angelic and a girl named Emily, who are both into lolita or jfashion. While Venus’s segment may be true to her character, Emily’s segment was very scripted and edited and made to look weird and both Venus’s and Emily’s segments were manipulated to give a misrepresentation of the lolita subculture or jfashion in general. 

With that small slightly-irrelevant rant aside, I wish for others to spread this around, because it isn’t fair to Kelsey that she was badly mistreated and it was very unprofessional and misleading on X-factor’s end, especially if this could have potentially hurt Kelsey’s career or give her a bad image. 

~ Rini

Thank you so so much for sharing this and to everyone who has been supporting me! <3

A friend just showed me this let me make a few points real fast ok

  • You were humiliated because you put yourself in that position. The judges were right to question why you were attempting Korean because it was obviously unnatural to you and you were using it for the sake of being different or “exotic”. You were using the language as a costume and that’s why it’s bad and you deserved what you got.
  • This has nothing to do with how Korean media or culture is portrayed and everything to do with white people appropriating our language to seem different and just end up making a mockery of it, and of themselves.
  • In response to the person who commented above, there is no such thing as Asian culture.
  • There is
  • no such
  • thing as
  • "Asian culture"
  • "Rini"? Either this is from Sailor Moon or you just found the name somewhere, either way.. Give me a fucking break.

As a Japanese-American, I totally support the public shaming of weeaboos and koreaboos. That shit isn’t cool. Hopefully others will learn from their cringeworthy example and change their ways.

I’m reblogging this again because apparently this woman’s horrible koreaboo crew is out tonight harassing anyone who points out how worthless her complaint is.

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Aug 31 '14

I like Eva Green so much now. I just found out she was in Merlin… and so was Santiago Cabrera! I always stayed out of that show because the two leads were so unfortunate looking, like English gnomes, both with peaky faces and ears sticking out like jug handles.

Eva Green looks amazing even when she looks ugly. The way she twists up her face… wow.

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Aug 31 '14

Now that I’ve been thoroughly traumatized by the Vanessa backstory episode, time for episode six!

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Aug 31 '14


I’ve been meaning to do this forever, but I’ve now updated my site so all my books are listed in order of release and i included a tab for my anthologies. Do check it out!

also TAMED is up on Amazon for sale now. It’s official release date is Tuesday, but yeah. It’ll be 99cents for the first week. FIT is on sale for 99cents this week too if you haven’t picked up yet.

If you like quality multicultural BDSM erotic romance (and who doesn’t? I sure do!) go ahead and buy TAMED right now! And get FIT too :-)

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Aug 31 '14

That reminds me of a part I wrote about halfway into The Constant Companion.

“I thought you liked horror movies,” Emanuel teased.

I’d grabbed his left arm to use as a blindfold so I wouldn’t have to see the gory death of the latest victim. We were sitting on a small couch in the corner of our bedroom, one we’d put against the wall tonight for the sole purpose of watching this movie’s rough cut. The director wanted the new Avert song for the title sequence.

“This one’s too scary.” I peeked above his arm. He’d paused the movie, and the freeze frame of the victim’s contorted death mask was blurry, therefore emotionally neutral. I was safe. I hugged Emanuel’s arm to my chest, just in case. “I like zombies and demons and scientifically implausible space parasites. Not the guy next door who flips out and sticks a fork in your eye. No thanks.”

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Aug 31 '14

Going on a trip tomorrow, and my internet access might be limited.

I stalled out about halfway through The Strain second ep, but it’s decent so far. 

Watching both Penny Dreadful and The Strain at the same time is making me think about evil in genre. We (as in human beings) enjoy stories with absolute evil, we eat them up with a spoon, because fighting absolute evil is about as dramatic and pulse-pounding as you can get. But the evil itself is usually pretty bland if you look at it too closely. I remember groaning when I saw the second Thor movie where the evil guys are evil because… well, they want the whole world to go dark. Why? They like the dark. It doesn’t make any fucking sense.

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Aug 31 '14

Penny Dreadful Rewatch: 1.02 “Seance” (Part 2)


Continued from Part 1. Spoilers for the entire first season under the cut. Lots of discussion of Vanessa because oh my god the seance.

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